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What is Desktop As A Service ?

The World of Technology is moving from CapEx model to OpEx Model. Meaning that Companies are using more and more Technology on Pay As You Go Model, by paying Rentals on the Consumption. All this has been facilitated by Cloud Computing. You get Servers, Security, Software, everything on Pay As You Go Model. One critical piece that was not available in this Model was Cloud PC or Desktop As A Service. People still had to buy Laptops and Desktops. That was a huge initial cost.  

With Companies moving their Teams to Work From Home, a few more challenges have come up: 

  1. Protection from Data Leakages , intentional or otherwise is a  need that is frequently expressed . 
  2. There is a need for greater Compliance with Industry regulations especially in regulated Industries like Finance ; Healthcare ; Insurance. Many Customers who work with their counterparts in Europe and USA  are being asked to have their systems GDPR and CCPA Compliant. 
  3. There are logistic challenges in shipping Corporate Computers to the Homes of the Staff in various remote locations. 
  4. If there is a mal function in the Corporate Computer , then getting it repaired or replaced a  bigger head ache.  
  5. Deploying standard Security Policies is very difficult when Employees work from Homes. 
  6. Upgrading the Employee Computer with additional apps or more powerful hardware to support greater usage is very difficult. 

Introducing Windows Virtual Desktop, the ultimate Cloud PC

  1. You can now use a full Windows 10 PC on the Cloud . Just login to the Azure Cloud and you get Full Windows 10 Experience. 
  2.  Provision 1 or 10 or 100 Windows 10 PCs in literally minutes. 
  3. Access the Cloud PC using any Windows Desktop Client. Or a Web Client . Or Android Device. Or Mac PC . Or iOS Device. 
  4. Want to deploy additional apps on the PC?  No problem. Create the image and deploy in minutes centrally. 
  5. Want to upgrade the Cloud PC for a few users?  Do it in minutes . 
  6. Want to apply Corporate Security Policies to the Desktops?  Do it in 15 minutes. 
  7. The downloads from the Windows Virtual Desktop or WVD will happen on the WVD itself . So Good bye Data Leakages. 
  8. Worried about GDPR and CCPA and other Compliances?  Windows Virtual Desktop is the perfectly compliance Solution.  
  9. Your Outlook OST and OneDrive Synced folder will move with you and will be available even if you login from different devices.  
  10. Use Azure Active Directory login to access the Windows Virtual Desktop. This gives you the best Cloud Identity Service . 
  11. Reduce your running costs by sharing one Windows Virtual Desktop with multiple users.  
  12. Have some Windows 7 legacy applications which are no longer supported by Microsoft?  No problems. Run them on Windows Virtual Desktop, fully supported by Security Updates . 

Pre requisites for deployment of Cloud PC or Windows Virtual Desktop

  1. Azure Active Directory .  Do you use Office 365 Service?  If yes, then you already have Azure Active Directory. 
  2. Windows Server Active Directory  ( AD ) in sync with Azure Active Directory. If you do not have the AD, then you can even use the Azure Active Directory Domain Service Azure ADDS , which is fully managed Azure Service . 
  3. The Azure Subscription which shares  the same Azure AD . This should be in the same network or be connected to the Windows AD or Azure ADDS . 
  4. The User connecting to the WVD should be part of the AD or Azure ADDS. 
  5. The User Principal Name used to connect to Windows Virtual Desktop must be existing in the AD or in Azure ADDS. 

The supported Operating Systems of Windows Virtual Desktop 

  • Windows 10 Enterprise  
  • Windows 7 Enterprise 
  • Windows Server 2012 R2; 2016 ; 2019 

Note that 32 bit Operating Systems are not supported. 


Recommended Software Solution

We would recommend Microsoft 365 Business Premium Solution as this will provide all the required licenses  for smooth running of Windows 10 Desktop : 

  • Windows OS 
  • RDP Client 
  • MS Office 
  • Office 365 
  • Security  

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