SecureIT 365

Fact 1

Digital Transformation is extremely important for Companies of All Sizes

Fact 2

Digital Transformation cannot be achieved unless Security & Compliance is built into all Digital Processes.

Most of us understand that Security is important in this Digital World. The question is are we doing enough? And the resounding answer is NO. The Key attack zones are Email, User and Device. Add to that the increasing needs of Compliance where the duty of information protection lies with the Company and there are significant penalties for non-compliance.

Enter SecureIT 365

SecureIT 365 is a Security and Compliance Solution from TechGyan and is delivered via a combination of Professional Services and Security Managed Services, especially for Companies with less than 500 Technology Users.

For different Packages under SecureIT 365, please visit  TechGyan Solutions — TechGyan – Cloud Changes Everything

The SecureIT 365 Professional Services are packaged Services with clear, defined Scope of Work while the Security Managed Services cover the Day to Day Security Management. We broadly cover the following areas of Security:

  1. Identity and Access Management

  2. Information Protection and Governance

  3. Threat Protection

The Solution covers Microsoft 365 Azure; On Premise Infrastructure and also other Cloud Services.

Under Identity and Access Management, we cover the following areas:

Under Information Protection and Governance, we cover the following areas:

Under Threat Protection, we cover the following:

And since we have designed the packages independent of each other, our Customers can pick and choose what is most relevant to them. Or they can decide to deploy these over an extended period of time so that the adoption is very easy.

TechGyan Solutions — TechGyan – Cloud Changes Everything

Thus, TechGyan can assist you in ensuring that your Digital Assets become extremely secure by Design. And in our Security Managed Services, we will continuously monitor your Digital Infrastructure to ensure that it remains secure. Always! 

So do connect with us on how you can make your Digital Journey more secure !



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