Email Management

Email has become an indispensable part of our Work life. It is a preferred mode of Business Communication. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Its Asynchronous Communication , meaning that when a person sends an email , he does not have to worry whether the recipient is online or not.
  2. Its platform neutral . So a sender does not have to bother about the Email platform of the recipient. A Microsoft Platform Email user can send to a user on Yahoo or Rediff or Gmail.
  3. Email is a written record and can be considered as a written contract.

Why do we need Email Management

At work, we are spending more and more time on Emails. Besides this, there are host of reasons why Emails Management is necessary:

  • Need for Compliance.
  • Huge cost of non compliance.
  • Email sent at Work belongs to the Company and NOT to individual.
  • All Documents and records are usually classified , stored , destroyed. Similarly , since Email is also a type of document, it needs to be classified , stored, destroyed.
  • Some of us store every Email . This is inefficient and Expensive.
  • For appropriate USE OF Email, there is a need for a Written Policy.
  • Besides written policy , there is also a need for User Level training on Email Management.

TechGyan can help its Customers at both the levels of Email Management:

  • Policy Level
  • User Management Level

We can provide Consulting Service to help you draw up a written Email Policy .

User Level Email Management :

Some of the features of our User Level Email Management are listed below

  • Keep Inbox Empty
  • Use Rules
  • Shut off Mail Notifications
  • Email Touch it Once principle
  • Email 2 minute rule
  • Stop sending attachments. Send links
  • Send Email to One Note for Knowledge Management
  • Outlook Task Management
  • Retention Policy
  • Archive Policy
  • Email Sweep
  • Convert Email to Meeting
  • Email Signature
  • Shared Mailbox
  • Delegate Access
  • Out of Office Replies
  • Disclaimer

In addition to the above features of Email which will help users to improve Productivity, we can also help Organizations in various administrative tasks which will help in making Email more productive and Secure for the Organizations:

  1. Setup and monitor Office 365 Mobile Device Management Policy
  2. Improve and monitor Email Security Settings
  3. Manage Email SPAM Digest and Junk Mail Settings including Malware filter; Connection filter; SPAM filter; Outbound SPAM; Quarantine; Action Center
  4. Create and manage SPAM confidence level
  5. Manage Group Email IDs
  6. Manage user’s account
  7. Manage and Troubleshoot Delegate Access
  8. Troubleshoot Rules
  9. Transport Rules Management
  10. Troubleshoot Retention Policies
  11. Assign; Unassign; Reassign licenses to different users
  12. Create backup of mailbox of users who have left the Company
  13. Manage Multi Factor Authentication
  14. Outlook troubleshooting in Desktop and Mobile
  15. Email Delivery issues including Email tracing
  16. Managing Email Archiving
  17. Troubleshooting Shared Mailbox
  18. Monitor Email Spoofing Settings
  19. Catch All Account Management…..

…and more.

In terms of tools , we need to look at only Office 365, the Cloud Productivity Platform and Azure Active Directory. Chances are that you are already using both. In that case what you will need is just our Consulting Services.

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