Microsoft Security & Compliance Solution Framework

Microsoft has a very extensive Solution Set for Security and Compliance. It takes care of most of the needs of an Organization.   We are presenting a Framework for the same. Since this has been created by TechGyan, you will probably not find this on any external website. Note that this Framework is how we understand the Microsoft Security and Compliance Solution. We hope you will find the same useful.

1. Identity & Access Management

a. Hybrid Identity

b. Cloud Identity
i. Multi Factor Authentication

    ii. Azure AD Join for Win 10 PC

c.  Conditional Access 

d. Secure Authentication

    i. Windows Hello 

    ii. Biometric Sign In 

    iii. Microsoft Authenticator 

e. Microsoft Endpoint Manager 

    i. Intune for Device Management 

    ii. Intune for Apple Macintosh  

3. Cloud Security

4. Compliance

a.   Information Protection & Governance

                                        i.    Microsoft Information Protection

               ii. Sensitivity Labels

                         1. Email & Document Encryption

                         2.  Sensitivity labels in Office Apps

                         3.  Labels in Teams, Groups, Sites

                         4.  Data Classification 

                iii.    Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) 

                iv.    Data loss prevention (DLP)
1.  Identify sensitive information
2.  Prevent the accidental sharing of sensitive information
3.  Monitor and protect sensitive information
4.  Help users learn how to stay compliant
5.  View DLP reports
6.  Email DLP
        a.   Monitor Email Forwarding
        b.   Prevent Download of  Attachment in OWA
        c.   Exchange Mailflow Rules
7.  SharePoint DLP
8.  OneDrive DLP
9.  Teams DLP

                 v.    Windows Information Protection

                vi.    Intune for Device DLP
Block USB Storage Devices

               vii.    Governance

b.   Insider Risk Management
Policies & Alerts

                        ii.    Communications Compliance

                        iii.    Information Barriers

                                                              iv.    Control Privilege Admin Access                             

                        v.    Customer Lockbox                                                   

                        vi.    Advanced Audit                                   

                        vii.    Advanced eDiscovery

c.   Compliance Management
i.    MS Compliance Center
      1.  MS Compliance Score Card
      2.  Solutions Catalog Card
      3.  Active Alerts Card
ii.    MS Service Trust Portal


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