TeamWork 365 Digital Workspace

Teamwork 365 Digital Workspace is Productivity On Steroids. It is an integrated Solution which offers instant Productivity to Companies which use Office 365 as a Platform. It is one place to go for managing most of the Productivity needs in the Work Day. And what’s more, we keep enhancing this Solution as  we believe that Productivity is a Journey and NOT a Destination.

Enabling Hybrid Work

Post Pandemic, the World of Work shall never be the same. Experts say that Hybrid Work will be a permanent fixture. So, in Hybrid Work, the Work force will be split between Office and Homes. Always. This throws up challenges of Productivity.  It is here that Teamwork 365 Digital Workspace fits in.  

What’s new in Version 2:

  1. Company Organizational Chart

  2. E-learning Portal

  3. Insights on Staying connected with Collaborators and Time Management

  4. Wellness and Mindfulness

  5. Digital Library on Self Improvement

The Hybrid Work is enabled by the following Solution features:

1. Calling, Meeting, Personal and Group Chats

A World Class Platform using which people can do one to one audio calls; video calls; Team meetings; Presence Information and much more. No longer do you need to worry about the possible location of the person with whom you wish to connect. Check the presence; send a chat message and connect via audio or video call. Simple.

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2. Document management

Documents are a heart of Work life.  So, we make the Documents available to the Teams wherever they are. These can be personal documents or Team Documents. A Complete Document Management System comes bundled with the Solution. 

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3. Project Management

One key challenge with Hybrid work is that the Company is not certain whether the Employees are actually working or not. This is because the traditional way involved people coming to office and there the Managers would give Tasks and see the tasks being done. So, the Managers would monitor Time.

An efficient Task Management System ensures that instead of monitoring Time, Managers can now monitor Tasks done.  The beauty of the system is that it gives a quick view on Tasks to do, with overdue tasks, important tasks, Team Tasks, etc. The individual can monitor his/her task and Manager can see the tasks of all the Team members. So, whether the person is at Home or travelling or in Office, the Task System is available.

Read here for more details on the rich feature set of the Document Management System  Task Management — TechGyan – Cloud Changes Everything

4. Company Intranet

A Complete and Beautiful Company Intranet comes as an integral part of the Solution. 

You get a Company Events Calendar so that you can monitor the important Company events. Then there is Company information, both, in public domain and also out of Public Domain.

There are multiple Company wide Communities:

* New Product Launch is a place where the information of the latest Products or Services launched by the Company is available.

* Q & A with the CEO is a place where Employees can have an Open Discussion with the CEO

* Information Technology Community is a forum where new IT initiatives that are launched, are discussed by all Employees.

* Knowledge Sharing Community is a place where any article of news of interest is shared to all. This can be then searched via key words.

* eLearning Community is where Employees can go for learning various Courses that will help them increase their knowledge.

* Social Group Hub is a corner which leads to all the Social Media handles of the Company.

* HelpDesk is a place using which Employees can get Help on anything that matters.

5. Employee Apps

There are many apps bundled which will help Employees getting their Work Done. Some of them are:

Approval App.  This is used to give quick ad hoc approvals. The employee can send out the request to one or more approvers who will then approve it or reject it.

Resource Booking App.  Companies can have a Meeting room or a Guest House. An Employee can go ahead and make a request for booking. The resource could even be a Tech Support person.

Shift Management. If your Company has multiple shifts,  then this All In One App will help you manage the Shifts.

We plan to add more such some apps for the benefit of the Employees.

6. Integrated Search

The fact is that searching for information on Internet is easier than searching for information within the Company. Well, the good news is that we can give an integrated search where you can give the keyword and then get a choice of searching on the Internet or within your Corporate Documents.

7. Learning Management System

You get access to wide range of Learning available via LinkedIn Learning as well as Microsoft Learn.

8. Wellness & Mindfulness

In the Hybrid World, there is a renewed focus on Wellness and Mindfulness. A bunch of resources are available with focus on Wellness and Mindfulness which ensures well being of the Users.

All In all, the Teamwork 365 Digital Workspace Solution allows the Companies to push up their Productivity by giving a single Platform using which Employees can work, whether in Office or Home or in Transit or at Customer location.



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