TeamWork 365 Intranet

Teamwork 365 Intranet is Productivity on Steroids. It is a Teams based Intranet Solution  which offers instant Productivity to Companies which use Microsoft 365 as a Platform. It is one place to go for managing most of the Productivity needs in the Work Day. And what’s more, we keep enhancing this Solution as we believe that Productivity is a Journey and NOT a Destination

What’s new in Version 3 : 

  1. Bing Chat Enterprise : Your AI – Powered Chat for Work 

  2. Updates App ( under Employee Apps ) 

  3. Your Digital Avatar ( under Employee Apps )

  4. Help & Support  ( under Help Desk ) 

  5. Employee Feedback Form  ( under Help Desk )

  6. Desk Booking ( under Facilities ) 

  7. Workflow Apps 

Teamwork 365 Digital Workspace is categorized in the following sections 

  1. Bing  Chat Enterprise : Your AI – Powered Chat for Work 

  2. Who are we  

  3. Employee Apps 

  4. Facilities 

  5. Workflow Apps 

  6. Policies 

  7. E Learning Hub 

  8. Communities 

  9. Insights 

  10. What’s happening around 

  11. Company Social Groups 

Company Intranet 

A Complete and Beautiful Company Intranet comes as an integral part of the Solution . Its power packed with Productivity features : 

1. Bing  Chat Enterprise : Your AI – Powered Chat for Work .  Have you ever wished you had a smart assistant that could help you with various tasks at work, such as generating content, analyzing data, summarizing documents, learning skills, writing code, and more?  . Look to further .  Bing Chat Enterprise gives your organization AI-powered chat for work with commercial data protection. Read more  at  

2. Who are we 

This section of the Intranet covers some cool areas: 

Mission and Values 

These are foundation for any Company. So its important that they  get High visibility  on the Intranet .  

Organization Chart  

This is a Dynamic Chart which picks up data automatically from the Azure Active Directory of the Company . At a glance it will tell the person his reporting Manager details as well as the details of his Team Members .  

Search Jobs  

If an Employee is planning to move to different location, they can fill up a simple form and give their new location where they will be moving and the required Role .  This ensures that Company does not lose quality people and is a good retention tool.  

3. Employee Apps  is a wonderful collection of Productivity enhancing Apps . Lets see what is available : 

Task and Project Management :   

An efficient Task Management System ensures that instead of monitoring Time, Managers can now monitor Tasks done.  The beauty of the system is that it gives a quick view on Tasks to do, with overdue tasks, important tasks, Team Tasks, etc. The individual can monitor his/her task and Manager can see the tasks of all the Team members. So, whether the person is at Home or travelling or in Office, the Task System is available. Read here for more details on the rich feature set  

Approval App

This is used to give quick ad hoc approvals. The employee can send out the request to one or more approvers who will then approve it or reject it.  A much better way for approvals as compared to approvals on Email. 

Shift Management :  

If your Company has multiple shifts,  then this All In One App will help you manage the Shifts.

Updates App  :  

 The Updates in Microsoft Teams app provides a centralized place for members of your organization to create, review, and submit updates. . Read more here  

Avatar App : 

Create and customize your avatars . Customize your avatar’s physical appearance, wardrobe, and accessories with hundreds of combinations. Save up to three avatars for various meeting types, such as casual, professional, and day-to-day settings.  Read more  


Resource Booking:   

This is a Web based service which allows you to book any Company resource like Guest House, Meeting Room or even a Help Desk Resource .  Read more  

Desk Booking :  

More Customers are moving to the concept of flexible workstations where a person does not have a fixed place to sit . To help streamline the process , we have a Desk Booking App  using which Employees can book Office Workstation for a particular Day and Time .   

5. Workflow Apps :   

These are applications that help you automate and streamline your business processes. They can benefit your business in many ways . Some examples can be  Employee Onboarding ;  Customer Onboarding ; Performance Review  and more. We will give you 2 Workflow apps free to use for a period of 6 months . 

6. Policies  

We can give you a simple, easy to use Platform to create Company Standard Operating Procedures . And being available on the Intranet will ensure that it is accessible to all.  

7. E Learning Hub 

This is a Central Place where Employees can get training from multiple online resources which can be a combination of External as well as Internal resources.  


Communities help in connecting people across organizations .  There are multiple Company wide Communities : 

* Information Technology Community is a forum where new IT initiatives that are launched, are discussed by all Employees. 

* Knowledge Sharing Community is a place where any article of news of interest is shared to all. This can be then searched via key words. 

9. Insights 

VIVA Insights provides data-driven visibility into how work patterns affect wellbeing, productivity, and business performance. It offers personalized insights for building better work habits by summarizing your Microsoft 365 data about emails, meetings, calls, and chats. It also gives you useful recommendations, such as protecting time in the day for regular breaks, focused work, and learning that help improve wellbeing and boost productivity.  Read more  

10. What’s happening  

This is a great place to know what is taking place in the Company. It could be Open House with the CEO or it could be New Product Launches  of the Company where the Employees can share their experiences and feedback  .  

11. Company Social Media Handles 

The Employees should be fully aware of all the Company Social Media handles . However, that rarely happens.  So it’s a good idea to place these handles on the Intranet and encourage Employees to subscribe to the same.  

Teamwork 365 Intranet is also available on Microsoft Marketplace

All In all, the Teamwork 365 Digital Workspace Solution allows the Companies to push up their Productivity by giving a single Intranet Platform using which Employees can work, whether in Office or Home or in Transit or at Customer location.



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