Work from Home

Work from Home

What it is ?

Work from Home as a concept is not new. However, the recent events have brought it to the forefront. At TechGyan, we have built our Work from Home Solution Framework which we will discuss here.

There are a few aspects of this Solution which we will broadly discuss.
  • Applications
  • Device Access
  • Best Practices


Work from Home as a specific Solution is a part of our Teamwork 365 . Our Solution consist of following core components:

1) Meetings & Calling

This is a Core Pillar of the Solution. Ask a few questions to yourself:

  1. Have you deployed a modern single system for voice, video, and conferencing across your organization?
  2. Does your organization use the same solution for users and conference rooms to connect to other locations, customers, or partners?
  3. Do your users have the ability to use the single solution for callings and meetings outside of the office?
  4. Does your company have the ability to chat, call, and have meetings with external participants?
  5. Does your company meet their compliance requirements for your calling and/or meetings solution? (example Finance Sector)
  6. When scheduling candidate interviews, can the interviewee and interviewer collaborate interactively with audio, video, and sharing?  
  7. Do team members have a central and consistent way to capture notes and insights from meetings?
  8. Can you access and integrate these into meetings and conversations?

The good news is that our Solution can do all this and much more. 

You can find some more information here

2) Task Management

The single biggest issue which the Top Management has when people work from home is lack of visibility on whether any real work is getting done at all since physical monitoring is not possible. Our belief is that instead of minute by minute monitoring, a far better way is to ensure that Work gets done. And what is work? Its series of Tasks. Nothing more!  So, what we need is a proper Task Management System.

So, a few questions to ask:

  1. Do you have a central system for assigning and tracking tasks?
  2. Do the Users have a consistent and effective way to manage their tasks?

Our Solution can effectively take care of the above points and do more.

For details, visit

3) Document Sharing & co-authoring

Working on Documents is a critical Task irrespective of our role.   The Documents are of two types:  Personal Documents created and consumed primarily by the author with occasional sharing. Team Documents, which are common documents referred by the Team. Our Work from Home Solution offers you both the options so that you can work securely. For details , refer

4) Email Management

For many years now, Email has been a most important way the Corporate World Communicates. So, no Solution can be complete without taking this into Consideration. When you work from home, the Company IT will find it tough to manage everything for all users. So, we advocate that the Email Management is totally outsourced to us. We will ensure that you continue to work effectively. To know what we cover in our Email management , refer

5) Knowledge Sharing

On every day basis, we need to share Knowledge . When we all are in one physical office, its easy. But when we work from home, we have challenges. Consider a few scenarios:

  1. Can you get a new team member up to speed quickly on existing projects? 
  2. Do new hires have a platform to easily engage with the employee community? 
  3. Do employees have a way to discover best practices from fellow team members or the wider organization or the right subject matter experts? 
  4. When employees leave the company, do you have a way to retain institutional knowledge? 
Our Work from Home Solution gives you ability to effectively share Knowledge.

6) Crisis Communication

When we face Crisis (as we are currently due to COVID-19), there needs to be some basic information which is available to all employees very readily. So, we have taken the Platform provided by Microsoft and deployed Crisis Communication App which is available to everyone in the Company. It covers following areas:

  1. Company News
  2. Helpful Tips
  3. FAQ
  4. Links
  5. Emergency Contacts
  6. Make a request

7) Cases Management & Opportunity Management

For our Company, one key activity is supporting our Customers when they have a support issue. For every such issue, we generate a Case in Microsoft CRM and track the same.

Similarly, if there is any inquiry from Customer related to billing or adding or removing a service, we generate an Opportunity in our Microsoft CRM to track the same.

It is quite possible that this may be relevant to many of us. In that case you can use a good CRM system like Microsoft CRM or any equivalent system to remain on top of your issues.

Device Access

Giving access to Corporate Applications in one part of the Solution. We must combine it with some specific Security measures which are device specific. Broadly speaking, we can divide the devices into distinct categories:

a) Company owned Computer. This will be a Managed PC

  1. Data can be accessed only on compliant devices
  2. Browser and app both access
  3. Only IT person can enroll device
  4. External sharing restricted to particular security group
  5. USB block

b) Employee Computer. This will be UnManaged PC

  1. Data and app access are only on browser
  2. Email attachments cannot be downloaded. View only

c) Employee owned Mobile. This will be UnManaged Mobile.

  1. Data access on browser blocked
  2. Org data can be accessed only through approved apps
  3. Screenshot block
  4. Printing block
  5. Cut, copy paste is allowed only in managed apps
  6. Data can be saved to One Drive and SharePoint Online only

The above Solution is Work in Progress. We will keep updating the Solution so that it becomes more relevant. 

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