Techgyan CEO visits Microsoft Head Office in Redmond

Techgyan CEO  Mr. Suresh Ramani  was recently in Seattle , USA at the Microsoft Head Office .  He was one of the 25 Microsoft Partners from all over the World , who were invited by Microsoft Leadership to attend the  3-day Modern Work CSP Partner Council Summit. The purpose of the summit was to engage with Microsoft and share insights on products, programs, and policies. 

As the only participant from Asia, Mr Suresh Ramani had a significant responsibility to ensure that the Voice of Asia was heard, considering the differences in Asian markets compared to those of the USA, Canada, and Western Europe. It was  a phenomenal experience to interact with leaders in Microsoft and other partners from around the world.  

A key learning was that the Opportunity of Artificial Intelligence is something that no one can ignore , be it Partners or Customers ! But there is a lot to be done in terms of readiness . If AI is implemented without you being ready, results will be disappointing ! So the Key is readiness and that is the area where  our Company TechGyan will focus in near term . 

Hopefully , the learnings of the Summit will translate into Purpose Driven Digital Transformation for our Customers !