TeamWork 365 Personal Document Migration

When Customers start adopting Microsoft 365, the World’s favorite Productivity Platform, the first Workload they usually think of is Email  for which they use our Email Migration Pack. Once the Email Migration has taken place, the next workload that is considered is Document Migration.  Here we will consider this in 2 Parts: 

Personal Document Migration 

Team or Shared Document Migration  

At TechGyan,  we have been helping our Customers to migrate from their older Personal Document Systems  to the One Drive For Business, which is part of Microsoft 365.  Some of the older systems which we have helped migrate are : 

  1. My Documents where many users by default store their Personal Documents  

  2. Desktop,  which is another favorite location where users create their Personal Documents   

  3. Local File Folders on their PC 

  4. User Folders stored on File Servers 

  5. GDrive if the user is using Gmail for personal or Professional use 

  6. Anything to One Drive for Business  

We have a Standard process by which we collect user information  related to the Personal Documents  

We do need a breakup of Personal Documents  in 2 major categories  : 

Below 100  GB 

Above 100  GB  

The major steps involved in the migration process are :

  1. Collect basic information on the user document locations and size  

  2. Send proposal  

  3. Get approval on the proposal 

  4. Collect more detailed information  

  5. Finalize the Action Plan and get Customer approval 

  6. Start migration activity 

  7. Do the Document Migration  cutover tasks  

  8. Post cutover support for 2 weeks  

  9. Hand over 

Note that before the cut over, users will continue to use their older locations when they create or edit or access their personal documents. During this phase, they will not access the documents on their One Drive location. 

Post cut over, they will STOP using documents in their older locations and start using documents on OneDrive.  

In terms of the functionality that the User will get, we will give users a system with the following services activated: 

  • File Sharing Permission 

  • Desktop Sync 

  • Create or Edit documents in browser 

  • OneDrive integration with Email 

  • Realtime co-authoring 

  • Document version control and history 

  • Sharing New and Existing external users  

  • Sharing Anyone including anonymous users 

  • Sharing Only existing Users 

  • Sync. Show Sync button on OneDrive website 

  • Sync . Allow syncing only on PCs joined to specific domains 

  • Block file Sync 

  • One Drive files on Demand 

  • File Hover Card 

Post the handover, Customer has an option of opting for OneDrive  Managed Services. We offer two plans : 

Teamwork 365 Adoption Pack 

Teamwork 365 Digital Workspace 

So do connect with us and get your legacy Personal Document System migrated to One Drive for Business with the help of Consultants from TechGyan 



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