SQL Server 2008 End of Life


Windows Server & SQL Server End of Support Video…

End of support is quickly approaching for these popular 2008 releases:

1. Extended Support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 has ended on July 9, 2019.

2. Extended Support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end on January 14,  2020.

End of support means the end of regular security updates. With cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, running apps and data on unsupported versions can create significant security and compliance risks. The 2008 family of products was great for its time, but we highly recommend upgrading to the most current versions for better performance, efficiency, and regular security updates.

So, let us understand the implication and the options:

SQL Server 2008

Since SQL Server is primarily used in Mission Critical Applications, not having support for the same and continuing to use the non supported version is a BIG risk. Let us examine the various options for Customers:

1. Upgrade to the latest version of SQL Server 2019.

While moving to latest edition will solve the support issues, sometimes
due to Software compatibility and other issues, Customers may not be able to
move to the latest edition. In that case let us examine the other options

2. Continue to use the current version but with support from Microsoft

In this case, you can sign up for Support from Microsoft and continue to use SQL 2008. But do note that support cost per year will be 75% of the cost of new license. In that case you should consider moving to the Cloud.
Let us see the implications.

3. Move to Azure and continue using the current version

If you move your applications to Azure, you can continue to use your current version of SQL 2008 for next 3 years without paying for extra support. So, this works out to be a very attractive option of modernization of your Infrastructure. Only the regular Azure cost will be applicable. 

4. Move to Azure and adopt SQL Azure

A very interesting option is to move your Database to SQL Azure. In this case, Microsoft will manage your SQL Server on Azure. And it will be totally scalable.  SQL Azure is the managed instance of Azure and is considered to be Platform as a Service. You do not have to invest in SQL licenses for using SQL Azure. It is a perfect example of Pay as you Go!

Windows Server 2008

The Support ends in January 2020. So, Customers must start planning for the same as a Typical Windows Server would be having multiple work loads which are quite critical. Let us examine the options:

1. Upgrade and deploy Windows Server 2019.


2. Upgrade to 2019 and use the licenses to migrate to Azure.

Customers can get a huge cost benefit if they use their own licenses on Azure.

3. Migrate to Azure as a Platform.

In this case you can directly use the Windows Server provided by Azure, thus saving  you the cost of licenses.

At TechGyan, we can help you in any of the above scenarios.  We have helped Customer move their applications to the Cloud. We have also assisted Customers in purchase of Licenses for their On-Premise Servers.

So, do give us a call and we will take it forward. 




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