Productivity Workshop for Customers below 300 users

Is it Possible to work in Hybrid Mode and yet Collaborate effortlessly with Colleagues at work ?

Post Pandemic, the World of Work shall never be the same. Experts say that Hybrid Work will be a permanent fixture. So, in Hybrid Work, the Work force will be split between Office and Homes. Always. This throws up challenges of Productivity.

While on one hand, Hybrid way of work is inevitable, another FACT is that the amount of time employees spends engaged in “collaborative” work – in meetings, on phone calls or answering emails – has increased by about 50%. Perhaps even more significantly, this kind of work now takes up 80% or more of employees’ time.  Collaboration is taking over the workplace. And so, Teamwork and Collaboration are key to Organizational success.

So, the question for Customers is this. If Hybrid work is allowed, Collaboration suffers. If Customers want best Collaboration, then Hybrid way of work is not possible.

To help Customers understand how Work can be done in Collaborative fashion while at the same time working in Hybrid mode, TechGyan is hosting focused Productivity Workshops on “Collaboration in Hybrid Work” .

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Workshop Delivery:

These workshops will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams. The duration is 90 minutes.  Every workshop will be restricted to a maximum of 7 to 10 Customers so that we can have more interactions.  These workshops will be delivered over next few weeks. Since we are restricting the number of participants per workshop for greater interactions, we encourage you to register for the same. Once we get your registration, our Team will revert back with the Event dates so that you can block your seat.

Who can attend:

  1. Business Decision Makers in Companies having 10 to 300 IT users. Please note that the Content to be delivered will be tailored for Customers below 300 PC users.

  2. Customers using non Microsoft based Email systems like GSuite or Zoho or Ice Warp and who wish to improve Collaboration but do not wish to change their current Email system . The Solution works very well with almost all Email systems.

  3. Existing Users of Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Business Standard or Exchange Online who are primarily using only Email and have not implemented or worked with Microsoft Teams and they wish to implement Collaborative Solutions.

What will be covered:

  • Powerful, instant meetings, Calling, Personal and Group Chats.

  • Connect your Team with shared documents.

  • Apps for Approvals; Resource booking; Digital Signature; Project Management and many more.

Special Offers for all Attendees

All the Attendees will get a FREE TRIAL of the Teams licenses for one month so that they can try out what they learnt in the workshop. 

Please Register here for the Workshop



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