Convert Email to Meeting

Email is the preferred mode of Communication at Work. Many Organizations totally depend on Email for internal and external Communication. While the Email Communication is on, there comes a point sometimes, where you need a Face to Face or Online Meeting.

There is a cool way to convert Email to a meeting. Let’s see how it is done:

1. In Step 1, there is a Email Communication as shown below:

Convert Email to Meeting

2. In the next step, a date and time to meet is decided. Now this Email can be converted into a Meeting as shown below:
There is a Meeting icon you can see on your Outlook when you open your Email. You need to click on the same

Meeting icon on MS Outlook

Once you do that, immediately it will get converted into a Meeting . The recipient gets meeting request which he has to accept. That’s it !

convert email to meeting

In this way an E-mail can be converted to a Meeting thereby saving time in planning a meeting.

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